Hi, my name is Lindsey* and I design things.

I also have red hair. My sister once told me that according to Women’s Health magazine, 44% find redheads intimidating but I’m pretty harmless.

I’ve always been a little different. It all began when I decided to enter the world on January 6th rather than my due date of March 23rd (I’ve since learned patience). I boycotted jeans most of my childhood by wearing stretch pants with stirrups (I’ve since learned versatility). And whilst earning a degree in graphic design from Drake University, I began freelancing while becoming an in-house designer for (and later part-owner of) an independent record label in Des Moines, IA (I’ve since mastered multi-tasking).

Simply put: I’m not one to take the road well-traveled.

It’s because of this I dove headfirst into the world of self-employment after graduating and started my own design business. In 2007, Creens came to be. What is Creens? Creens is a word I made up with a handful of friends. It’s simple, a little weird and hopefully sticks in one’s mind. That is what I strive to do in my design: keep it simple, keep it fresh and always be a little left of center.

That all said, it’s lovely to meet you and if by chance you’re on the hunt for some killer branding, imaginative print design or a WordPress wizard, you’ve come to the right place.

* I look a little less like a maniac these days.