Hi, my name is Lindsey* and I design things.


* I look a little less like a maniac these days.

I also have red hair. My sister once told me that according to Women’s Health magazine, 44% find redheads intimidating but I’m pretty harmless.

I’m a formally trained graphic designer and a self-taught WordPress theme developer. For 8 years I have been helping entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, and small businesses find their visual voice, translating their missions from static to dynamic in both print and web.

I love chatting with clients about what makes them tick, determining how they define themselves abstractly. I use this information to help create their visual identity profile, allowing it to be the fuel that feeds my design process.

So, what’s up with the name Creens? It’s a funny word I made up with some friends with an easy design philosophy: Keep it simple, keep it fresh and always be a little left of center.

My specialties include:
Brand Strategy & Development
Marketing & Brand Promotion
Creative Art Direction
WordPress Setup, Support & Maintenance
WordPress Theme Development
I’m an expert in:
Brand Identity
Print & Layout Design
Information Design
WordPress Design
Adobe Creative Cloud